Most people think there is a secret formula for spiritual growth and health. If they can just find the formula, their spiritual life will take off!

While there isn't a formula, there are specific things we can look at in our lives dealing with spiritual disciplines and best practices for overall spiritual wellness.


In this series, we will look at fives areas of spiritual health. While none of them on their own or collectively prove you are healthy spiritually they do serve as outward indicators of our inner spiritual life.

ATTEND l week one

September 9, 2018 : : Justin Senesi

SERVE l week two

September 16, 2018 : : Justin Senesi

CONNECT l week three

September 23, 2018 : : Andy Sileno

GIVE l week four

September 30, 2018 : : Justin Senesi

SHARE l week five

October 7, 2018 : : Justin Senesi