Have you ever been talking to a family member and suddenly realize you said that annoying thing your mother always said?

Have you looked at your marriage and feared because of how your parents ended up?

Do harsh words spoken by your father to you as a child continue to echo through your life? Was the home you grew up in a dream home or a nightmare?


The truth is, we are all shaped by our parents, and how we parent will shape our children’s future. In this series we will look to the Bible to find out how your home can become a “dream home.” And it starts by breaking generational patterns of dysfunction which hold many of us back...and that's what this series is all about!


October 14, 2018 : : Justin Senesi


October 21, 2018 : : Justin Senesi

LETTING GO l week three

October 28, 2018 : : Justin Senesi

LEAVE, OWN, CREATE l week four

November 4, 2018 : : Justin Senesi

BLESS l week five

November 11, 2018 : : Justin Senesi

HONOR l week six

November 18, 2018 : : Justin Senesi