Candlelight Service Begins in...


Will you be visiting Hickory Ridge this Christmas Season?

Christmas Events Calendar

▪ Sunday, November 18th ▪

Operation Christmas Child Collection-Day

▪ Sunday, December 2nd ▪

Ornament Giveaway

▪ Sunday, December 9th ▪

Christmas Sweater and Photo Booth Sunday

▪ Sunday, December 16th ▪

Cookies and Cocoa Sunday

▪ Sunday, December 23rd (10:30 AM) ▪

Special Christmas Service (including Girls Dance & Giveaways)

▪ Sunday, December 23rd (6:00 PM) ▪

Candlelight Service (including Girls Dance & Giveaways)

▪ Sunday, December 30th ▪

Kids Church End-of-the-Year Pajama Party (elementary ages)

All Month Long

▪ Survey for January's Sermon Series ▪

"You Asked For It" (where you decide the topics!)

▪ Special Christmas Offering ▪

Helping people find freedom... locally, nationally, and internationally

- Christmas Series -

For thousands of years the world was lost, covered in darkness,without hope, and without God. People were slaves to fear and bound to sin. 

But Jesus came as God with us. A light in the darkness. Bringing hope to the hopeless. Offering freedom to the captives. That the lost might be found and the broken could be made whole. In this series, Pastor Justin looks at how Christmas Changed Everything.