At Hickory Ridge, you will find a group of people committed to becoming more like Jesus. Everything we do is geared toward connecting to Christ, to His church, and to the community. From the youngest child to the most senior adult, our desire is for everyone to experience the thrill of a life lived passionately pursing God.

We believe that pursuit will change your life and the lives of those around you. It does not happen in a moment, it happens one step at a time, as we follow Jesus!

Join us as we live this adventure together!

Current Series

Many people have a difficult time believing God speaks today. Sure, in ancient times and in mysterious ways, God used to speak, but is He still speaking now?


Other people would say, He might speak, just not to me. And if He were to speak to me, how would I know it was Him? 


In this series we will learn that God’s voice is all around us, speaking all the time. It is us who must learn to listen. Because learning to hear God’s voice can answer our most pressing questions, calm our deepest fears and guide us to a greater purpose. The issue is not if God is speaking, but what is He speaking and how do we hear?